Radiology presentation



This is a personal project where I had a talk in the annual Radiology department conference as a part of the 41st Annual Ain Shams University Medical congress. The talk was part of the Pediatric imaging session.


Challenge #1

As with any medical conference the talk had limited time and crammed in a long string of other talks quickly exhausting the audience and depleting their attention span. For them this was just another 15 minute talk in a 2-hour session in an 8-hour day.

So a strong awe-inspiring visual opening with captivating animations is used to signal the audience that this is not just another generic mediocre talk and that its worth their limited attention


Challenge #2

Although the data was not visually challenging as Radiology as a field is based on images. However these images interpretation is what matters and need to be clearly demonstrated…

So custom designed annotations are used according to the context of each image

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