Anesthesia Research presentation



Dr. Marina Nemr was an Anesthesiology resident when she did her research as part of her residency program. Due to the demanding nature of the program she did not have the time nor the energy to create a presentation for her research yet she wanted to present her hard work in the way it deserves. 


Challenge #1

lack of visuals due to the nature of her field of work which is mostly drug’s mechanism of actions, doses, side effects indications and contraindications… etc.

So stock photos from her field of work were used to add a visual touch...

Custom illustrations were created to explain drug mechanism...

and flowcharts were used wherever possible


Challenge #2

The presence of complicated comparative statistics between the study and control groups that needed to be presented in a way clearly visualizing the improvement in the study group.

So Data visualization techniques used to clearly differentiate between both groups and to emphasize the improvement in the study group

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