Get to know me

Who am I?

My name is Amir Eskander, A Doctor (Radiologist) , Faculty member (Assistant lecturer – Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt) and Freelancer.

Passion for digital media creation

I started dabbling in photoshop and graphic design in high school and through med school I moved on video editing and montage followed by motion graphics then photography and finally more graphic design. This helped me develop a set of skills and good sense of design that complemented and augmented my presentation design process.

Presentation design

I started creating presentations 12 years ago in med school and through my time there as well as through my career as a Radiologist I have been known among my peers as the “PowerPoint go to guy”. Never have I missed a chance to create a slide deck or present a talk. Taking complex medical information and breaking it down then presenting it in a visually appealing and beautifully crafted presentation has always been a challenge that I love to take.

Working Professionally

I started taking my passion to the next level and creating presentations professionally two years ago. My work have helped my clients present their work including long complex medical lectures, case presentations, research projects and research proposals in a simplified and visually appealing way.

I believe that each presentation – no matter the type of content – is unique on its own and should be approached as such. It’s not just a collection of slides that showcase information, but rather a tool to deliver your message through 3 crucial steps:

Captivate . Engage. Inspire



Most frequent questions and answers

I create the slide decks using the latest version of PowerPoint 365. In addition to using Adobe Audition and Illustrator to create and edit graphics needed for the project. Occasionally, I will use Adobe Premiere and Adobe Audition for Videos and Voiceovers needed for the project.

I charge on per hour basis (rate varies according to project) not including any paid assets in the project (Stock photos, illustrations, fonts… etc) . As for how long each project takes to complete, that varies according to the size of the project, the condition of the data provided and your needs and wants. If you’d like a specific estimation, let me know what you are looking for and I’ll provide a detailed estimate.

First and foremost, Information about the setting and aim of your presentation/talk as well as nature of your audience. This is done through a fillable PDF form or better yet a scheduled phone call.
You can provide your raw data in the form of word/PDF document and I will do all the hard work for you to convert it into presentable slide deck or better yet to save time and cost provide a basic slide deck and I will further process the data inside it and revamp its visual style.

– PowerPoint file along with any used fonts
– Your presentation in PDF format
– MP4 video file of the slide deck animated with no music or voice over
N.B. For extra fee you can provide prerecorded voice over and that I will sync to the slide deck and create a video file with the voice over

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