Hi there, I’m Amir

I am a professional presentation designer, a doctor (Radiologist) and a faculty member (Assistant lecturer – Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt)

I help professionals share their ideas, knowledge and services through beautifully crafted presentations that brings their message to life.


A great presentation should


your audience from the very start to capture the full span of their attention


your audience all through to effectively deliver your message and keep their attention


your audience at the end to take action according to your call to action

and accordingly these are my design principles


I don’t care about you

I care about your audience. I design for your audience. Period. Whether they are clients, employers, colleagues or students they are the aim of my design. Before the start of any project I understand the setting of the presentation and the identity of your audience to optimize the design for them.


Your slide deck is not your presentation

It’s just a visual aid that helps brings your message to life. Your presentation should be a perfectly choreographed dance between what you say and what appears on screen and that’s why before the start of any project I will discuss with you your presentation delivery and design accordingly.


You don't just get a slide deck

The key to create a great presentation is for me to read and digest your content. I don’t just provide you with a beautifully designed slide deck but I also provide you with feedback about possible improvements in your presentation content and its structure as well as the best way to deliver it.


Your project is unique

While Templates are a great way to start, the design should not end there. Your presentation is unique and should be treated as such. Your content is read and carefully analyzed to design the best way to present and visualize it and thus custom designed slides and graphics  are created to do so.


No bulky text allowed!!

Humans are by default visual learners and your presentation should be as visual as possible so no large copies of text, complicated tables or  busy charts will be included in your presentation. The appropriate text/data visualization technique is applied to each piece of information to best present it.

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